Wireless Gesture Controlled Bike Signal

Wireless Gesture Controlled Bike Signal Wireless Gesture Controlled Bike Signal Wireless Gesture Controlled Bike Signal Wireless Gesture Controlled Bike Signal Wireless Gesture Controlled Bike Signal

Wireless Gesture Controlled Bike Signal

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TurnCycle was conceived after two decades of work in physical therapy, where Shelly Fern treated patients who had been severely injured while riding bicycles. Car and bike collisions account for one out of three bicycle accidents and are responsible for the majority of cyclist fatalities.
Shelly believed a product that increased visibility and communication between bicyclists and motorists would improve bike safety by potentially reducing crashes and injuries.


When Shelly brought this idea to the Solid Design Solutions (Solid) Team, her passion for rider safety resonated with the group. The Solid Team began to brainstorm possible concept ideas immediately. In the Concept Phase, the user’s needs and how it would communicate with motorists were pivotal considerations.

Some important features that needed to be in the final design were:

- Lightweight construction
- High Visibility LED lights
- Intuitive usability

Keeping these key design features in mind, the Solid Team began with a thorough concept and ideation phase. Numerous concepts were developed and discussed in terms of usability, manufacturability, and marketability.

Once Shelly and the Solid Team selected the preferred design, a 3D computer model and prototype were created to flush out preliminary design concerns. The team continued to refine the design always considering the functionality, visibility, and manufacturing requirements were met before moving on to the final design phase.

During the final design phase, the design was prepared for mass production and released to our manufacturing partners. After inspecting the samples, the design was tweaked to fit and function properly. Assembled samples were then rigorously tested, followed by the performance of final reviews and a final quality check. After the product was approved, assembly and user instructions were created.


The final product hit all of Shelly’s criteria to improve the safety of its users, while maintaining a high level of functionality. Overall, the display unit weights six ounces and the wristband weighs only one and half ounces, allowing it to have little to no impact on the rider. With the ability to fasten to the rider’s waist or mount to the rear of a bicycle, the user can choose the configuration the best suits their comfort. Additionally, the display is rechargeable using a USB cable, while the wristband uses a coin cell battery.

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For this project, Solid provided our expertise in the following fields:

Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Prototyping, Project Management, Electrical Engineering, Software Development, CAD Modeling Request More Information