Telemedicine Cart

Telemedicine Cart Telemedicine Cart Telemedicine Cart

Telemedicine Cart

Alaska Federal Health Care Access Network
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Telemedicine diagnostic system that incorporates 28 different tests. The system is UL certified and fully HIPPA compliant.

Concept Development and refinement started with an existing standard cart platform that was not meeting requirements.

Industrial Design techniques were used to improve the user experience and make the cart more ergonomically functional. Solid also participated in the detailed design, prototyping and production build of the system

The cart is placed in remote villages that don’t have the population numbers to warrant a full time doctor. This product allows a high school educated operator to perform diagnostic tests on individuals. The collected information is sent to a centralized doctor for diagnosis. 



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For this project, Solid provided our expertise in the following fields:

Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Contract Manufacturing, Prototyping, Project Management Request More Information