Our Clients Include:

Tool / Build Phase

During the Tool/Build Phase, Solid Design Solutions works with Clients to place orders of production tooling such as plastic injection molds, die cast tooling, fine blanking dies, progressive dies or other tooling required to begin production of product components. Solid will work with selected electronics assembly contractors to setup and then run first production circuit board assemblies. After purchase orders are placed, Solid works with the selected tool makers to review and approve tool designs, inspect/approve 1st article samples. Approving 1st article samples from production tooling require a very experienced eye and this phase is where our team prevents costly tooling re-work down the road.

All of this is done while coordinating the creation of the first pilot production assemblies. Involving the same experts that designed the product in the approval of the production build is a crucial requirement to ensure a successful product launch as part of the product development process.