Rapid Machining

Solid offers Rapid Machining for low-quantity quick-turn requirements.
Solid’s Rapid Machining service is a perfect complement to Solid’s product development, machine design, and testing capabilities, and is also offered
as a stand-alone service.

  • Realize your design quickly - in the real productioin material
    Quickly assemble and test your design against functional requirements
    Meet your tight development deadlines

Real materials, real parts, real assemblies—really fast!

  • - Test multiple options for a component
  • - Parts can be created from virtually any material
  • - Create assemblies quickly and perform cycle testing
  • - Obtain user feedback as early as possible in the design process
  • - Identify potential manufacturing processes and materials

Real-world testing

  • - We'll assemble your parts for you
  • - We'll cycle-test your assemblies or arrange for complete environmental testing
  • - Test different material options head-to-head
  • - Confirm fit, function, strength and reliability of your design
  • - Supporting Rapid Engineering
  • - Test to identify ergonomic issues and appropriate anthropometrics-
  • - Review design performance in field testing quickly
  • - Create mulitple iterations quickly to know what works and what doesn't
  • - Facilitate concepts, ideation and development

Real help with your designs

uPrint SE Plus 3D Printer

  • Solid can make your parts using your own files:

 - STL
 - SolidWorks
 - Pro/E
 - Inventor

  • Solid can create the files for you from your supplied sketch

We'll be happy to provide

 - Design assistance
 - Finishing
 - Assembly
 - Functinal testing

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