Wireless Musicians App Device

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Wireless Musicians App Device


Midi’s exceptional capability to allow numerous instruments and devices to seamlessly communicate comes at a price. The audio cables are expensive and often unmanageable. The Zivix dream was to create a wireless device to allow musicians the freedom to create unencumbered by wires.

When Zivix approached Solid Design Solutions (Solid), they already knew the wireless technology – borrowed from their phenomenal Jamstik – but they did not have a concept for how to package that technology, or how to get it manufactured.


Together with the Zivix team, we started by asking questions to discover the needs of the end user. We questioned where it would be used, how it would be transported, what software it would need to connect with, and many other aspects that would be critical to a successful design. Then we brainstormed potential design features to meet those needs. This user-centered approach ensured a functional, pleasing, and marketable product. Dozens of ideation sketches and form-study models were the result of this discovery and brainstorming effort.

Once the various concepts had been assessed, and the most promising concept defined, all the product components were designed in detail using 3D computer modeling software. This allowed us to discuss the strategic design and manufacturability trade-offs with Zivix and our manufacturing partners. The resulting detailed designs enabled us to estimate the complete manufactured cost of the product.

After the 3D model had been approved, prototypes were made for assessment and testing. We continued to refine the design until the functionality, appearance, marketing, and manufacturing requirements were met before we moved on to finalize the design.

During the Final Design Phase, the design was prepared for mass production and released to our overseas manufacturing partners. Manufactured samples were carefully inspected, and the parts were revised and tuned to fit and function properly. We collaborated with our domestic contract manufacturer to refine the final assembly fixtures and processes. Assembled samples were put through rigorous testing to ensure robustness. Final reviews, re-testing, and a final quality check were performed, then assembly and user instructions were created.


PUC is a wireless midi connection that fits in a pocket and in the palm of your hand. Its clean, user-friendly design allows easy wireless integration with audio editing workstations, as well as I-Pads and a universe of applications. Since PUC can be used with any midi output, users can support a complete band without the hassle of cumbersome cords. PUC eliminates the hassles of cables, and enables artists to concentrate on creating.

After a successful development process, PUC is now available on-line and at brick and mortar Apple Stores.


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