Prototype creation is a key part of the product development effort that design engineers use to allow them to explore design alternatives, test theories and confirm performance prior to starting production of a new product. Solid’s talented engineers use their experience to tailor the prototype according to the specific unknowns still present in the intended design. A series of prototypes will often be constructed and tested as the final design emerges and is prepared for production. With rare exceptions, multiple iterations of prototypes are used to progressively refine the design. Solid’s strategy in developing your product is design, test, evaluate and then modify the design based on analysis of the prototypes.

In addition, to prototyping for testing and design validation, Solid will generate product mock-ups for early stage conceptualization. Combined with other Industrial Design techniques, Solid strives to achieve a complete understanding of user centric attributes for every product. Product modeling provides Solid designers first-hand knowledge of environmental features and product feel. This early stage process is a low cost method to apply a unique look and form to products to ensure they will align with end-user interests.  

Prototypes, product mock-ups and short run components are created quickly using state of the art machines both manual and CNC such as our Milltronics CNC Vertical Machining Center. Please stop in for a tour of our facility.