Product Development Process

Getting a new product to market is more than just having a few parts made. It's done through a process called "Product Development." This process starts with a great idea and ends, with a desirable product in hand. Morphing the “Bright Idea” into a “New Product” is a process of thinking through issues, adaptations, working out details, and defining all the specific requirements. Those include factors like how it’s used, how it’s made, selected material types, possible failure modes, and required regulations and certifications. From Conceptualization through Production, Solid Design Solutions' primary mission is to support our Clients by providing a valuable product development process that leads to consistently successful products.

To help organize this complicated process Solid separates the sequence of events into several phases. Between these phases are gating decisions about how and whether to proceed to the next phase. This format reduces risk and investment requirements while providing the consistent foundation needed for any type of product development project. Please click through each phase (above) for more details on tasks and goals. Together we can Make it Real!