Over the last 20 years Solid has built a diverse and highly experienced team that efficiently develops successful products. Each individual brings a one-of-a-kind blend of critical experience and focused expertise.

Our talented group of project managers, engineers and designers become your custom-tailored product development advisors, with the specific experience and abilities you need to create tomorrow's complex and specialized medical and consumer products.

There are no shortcuts to transforming an idea into a market-ready product. Every project is unique and every phase requires a unique combination of talented, sophisticated and experienced team members who can combine their collective abilities to reach a rapid product deployment.


Peter GustafJohn JancsekPaul Georgeson

Steve OanesMacen Shinsato   Rich Kilgour

Dan WoodDave Barnard

Mike EulJustin FeiderJohn LogajanKen VojacekTheresa GurneyPaul LinneroothBryce BunkersMark PodvinRodney HoffmannWD BalckmonTom HaysPeggy Broberg