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Man Cushion


When Glenn Harte from Prostate Relief received a severe diagnosis concerning his prostate he declined traditional treatment. Instead, he began developing a concept for a seat cushion that would minimize the effect sitting for long periods of time on his condition and hopes that it will help reverse his diagnosis.

His vision was a seat cushion that was specially shaped to relieve pressure on the ischial tuberosities, the main pressure points when sitting. By reducing pressure and heat, the negative effects of sitting on men’s prostate health can be minimized.


When Glenn approached the Solid Design Solutions (Solid) Team and laid out his idea and history, the Solid Team began the concept and ideation phase immediately. Working together, Glenn and the Solid Team used a human-centered approach that generated numerous concepts. Solid’s industrial designers specifically considered ergonomics and actual behaviors of the end-user. In order to accommodate the behaviors of the actual user it had to be lightweight and comfortable, and each concept was designed to reflect these needs.

Once the preferred concept was chosen, detailed sketches and 3D renderings were created to visualize and verify the concept design. Once a CAD model was created and refined, prototypes were made for assessment and testing. The design continued to be refined until all of the functionality and manufacturing requirements were met before finalizing the design.

During the Final Design phase, the design was prepared for mass production and released to our overseas manufacturing partners. Manufactured samples were carefully inspected, and the parts were revised and tuned to fit and function properly. 


The end result of the development process was the Prostate Relief Cushion. The cushion is made of a custom foam specifically design to relieve stress on the pressure points involved in sitting. Additionally, the cooling fan delivers air under the user as they sit, effectively treating the prostate to avoid prolonged damage sitting can cause. 


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For this project, Solid provided our expertise in the following fields:

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