Specialty Machines

We are experts in the design, development, validation, and manufacture of Specialty Machines. Our expertise combined with state-of-the-art development tools allows us to provide value through all steps of the project.

When we develop a single new custom machine, we follow a process that is somewhat different than the one we follow in developing a mass-produced product. To organize this process we separate the sequence of events into phases. Between these phases are gating decisions about how and whether to proceed to the next phase. The phases are outlined on the following pages and include the following: 

Concept | Detailed Design | Build and Test | Installation

During the Concept Phase we conceptualize and then define as precisely as possible how the performance and cost objectives can best be achieved. The conceptualization process begins with an introductory meeting to review current design criteria and objectives, compile a list of required project data, and better understand the related issues. The team then conducts brainstorming sessions to review the design objectives, identify design approaches, and conceptualize features that will contribute to creating a superior machine.  

The objective of the Detailed Design Phase is to prepare the machine for the Build and Test Phase. To meet this objective we refine the concept(s) selected in the previous phase based on Client direction, and then complete the detailed design of the product in CAD. Purchased components are sourced, sampled and quoted. Custom mechanical components are sketched and CAD modeled, and engineering drawings are created. A detailed costed Bill of Material is created and reviewed. Throughout this process, progress reviews are provided at the end of each week in the form of a written status report and/or meetings. 

During the Build and Test Phase we coordinate the creation of one machine. During this phase we create and submit purchase orders for components and required services, use engineering drawings to inspect received components and coordinate with the Client to set up and test the product prototype. We work with Client to identify problem areas and features to be changed, added, or removed. Throughout this process meetings are held with the Client to review progress.  

Machine Design and Build Brochure

Regulatory Experience

  • Clean Room Requirements
  • OSHA Compliance
  • UL Requirements


Design and Build CapabilitiesMachine Design and Build Brochure

  • PLC and Embedded system control
  • Precision positioning
  • Assembly machines
  • Component Feeders
  • Material transfer equipment