Industrial Design - make it awesome!

The way your product is perceived and the way your product functions should be a match for the user, summing up to an optimized user experience. It should also perfectly fit your marketing strategy.

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How does Solid Design Solutions help you achieve those goals?


Solid’s industrial designers study the competitive landscape, the user, the environment, and the conditions of use. We identify unmet needs and opportunities for product differentiation. We learn how competitors have successfully addressed common issues, and identify which approaches should be avoided.


Collaborating with you and with our engineers, we generate, develop, model and refine a unique product vision, laying the groundwork for realizing that vision in a manufacturable and cost-effective manner.


Refined product concepts should be tried by users to ensure that the concept meets the goals for usability, functionality and perception. Potential users take models and prototypes for a test drive, while we take careful notes. The result is a validated concept you can develop with confidence.


Throughout the subsequent development phases, the industrial designer ensures that the established vision is maintained until the finished product reaches market.