Industrial Design - make it awesome!


Our industrial designers aren’t here to just make things pretty – they work side-by-side with our engineers and technicians to create designs that are innovative, elegantly functional, manufacturable, and economical.

How we do it


Our team uncovers needs and opportunities. With targeted research, our industrial designers map your competitive landscape, your customers, applicable technology, and the environment and conditions of use. We find the issues your users care about, and the ones that your competition isn’t addressing.


With a good understanding of the issues, Solid’s team flex their creative and technical muscles. We generate novel and holistic concepts that embed technology in distinctly human-oriented designs, while simultaneously addressing usability, functionality, manufacturability and appearance. Concepts are sifted, evaluated, and resolved through in-depth conversations and iterations of sketching, modeling, and testing. This process yields a preferred concept that is vetted and ready to be fully designed with confidence.


Once the concept intent has been mapped out, additional creativity and engineering acumen is brought to bear to implement the concept and create a product design that is robust, manufacturing-friendly and cost-effective. Prototypes are made, evaluated, and field-tested, and the design is revised. Solid’s industrial designers remain engaged, working directly with our engineers, seizing any opportunity to improve the concept, while guarding against unnecessary compromises to ensure the concept goals are realized.


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