Height Differential Visits Solid Design Solutions

December 07 2016

Solid Design Solutions (Solid) hosted 8686 Height Differential, a FIRST® Tech Challenge Robotics Team from Mounds Views High School. During their visit, the team presented their program and robot to the Solid staff. Everyone at Solid was impressed with the level of knowledge the kids demonstrated.

Following their presentation and demonstration, Solid’s Lead Industrial Designer, Dave Barnard, spoke to the young engineers about industrial design. As a team, they wanted to learn more about industrial design and what role it plays in the engineering process.

Later, Height Differential was lead on a tour of Solid’s facility by COO, John Jancsek. One highlight of the tour for the team was speaking with Solid’s Controls Engineering Manager, Lee Clore. Lee spoke to the team and demonstrated a laser cutting machine on which he is currently working.

After meeting these kids, everyone at Solid is confident that the future of engineering is in capable hands with these kids at the helm.

To learn more about FIRST® Tech Challenge, visit their homepage.