Kidney Transplant Transporter

Kidney Transplant Transporter Kidney Transplant Transporter

Kidney Transplant Transporter

Waters Medical

This Kidney transport device was originally designed by Waters Medical. They required an updated aesthetic, improved functionality and feature enhancements.  This device is used for transportation of a Kidney from the donor operating site to the Operating Room where the Kidney is transplanted into the recipient. Device has an integrated computer to monitor and control the oxygen level of the profusate being pumped through the Kidney while also monitoring temperature and tracking it’s location. The receiving Doctor can track the location and condition of the Kidney online when the device is connected via wi-fi or a line connection.

Solid Design Solutions (SDS) participated from the beginning through build and test of the first prototype. Solid Design Solutions coordinated all conceptual design efforts including user research, industrial design, electrical and software engineering.



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For this project, Solid provided our expertise in the following fields:

Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Prototyping, Project Management, Electrical Engineering, Software Development, CAD Modeling Request More Information