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Gesture Controlled Interface



During the recent boom in the technology surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT), the most overlooked user population has arguably been the senior community. With often limited mobility and varying amounts of vulnerability, Reemo sought a solution to give independence to a community that is slowly losing it.

Reemo’s idea would connect the human to their house using IoT technology. By performing simple hand gestures, the user would be able to control many IoT connected devices from a distance, including lights, door locks, and thermostats.


Excitement grew as the Reemo team shared their vision. The Solid Design Solutions (Solid) Team led a brainstorming session where target market, features, characteristics, and user needs were discussed. From that conversation, several concepts were developed. Since the final product would be a wearable device, Reemo emphasized that it should be fashionable. Each concept was complete with band style and interface design. Different materials and colors were rendered to check the degree of customization that would be possible to produce and marketed. 3D printed models allowed better understanding of size and shape of the competing concepts.

Once the preferred concept was chosen, the design was fully modeled as a manufacturable product, including all electronic hardware, in SolidWorks CAD. Prototype circuit boards and assemblies then allowed for continued development of the product software, as well as associated charging and signal-receiving products.


The Reemo Gesture Controlled Interface is an IoT solution to control multiple connected household devices from inside the house and miles away. Using a phone application and fashionable wristband, the Reemo Gesture Controlled Interface allows the user to control IoT enabled appliances and mechanisms with simple hand gestures. Developed with the senior community in mind, the wristband also acts as a sensor to notify off-site caregivers of possible traumatic events that may trigger a visit or check-in.


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