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Electrical Engineering

Solid Design Solutions, Inc. offers full Electronic Product Design and Development Services.  Solid’s electrical engineering team is experienced with designing embedded systems for commercial, consumer, industrial and medical applications ranging from complex high performance data communication networking equipment, to simple standalone control systems for automated test fixtures. Whether your product has standard interfaces with off the shelf components, or proprietary technologies in nonstandard packages, Solid’s electrical engineers have the experience and tools necessary to take your product from initial concept to fully tested and approved for high volume production. 

solid-ee-testingSolid’s talented electrical engineering team can also redesign or add features to existing firmware for increased efficiency, expanded data collection and improved user interface. Create renewed excitement for your existing product and gain market share by adding or expanding intelligence of your product, Make It Smart!

Circuit Design

Circuit development can utilize many different forms to meet a specific set of application specific requirements. Altium electrical design software increases throughput and decreases costly design iterations. Solid's team can assist with a large variety of circuit technologies and applications, including:


  • Analog circuit design
  • Digital circuit design
  • Prototyping circuits
  • PCB circuit design, layout and schematics
  • In-circuit test data generation
  • and much more!

Connected Devices

Cost and size of wireless technologies have been dramatically reduced over the last decade, providing an infinite array of applications. Solid increases the reach of hardware by connecting devices through Bluetooth Integration, WiFi chips, RFID sensors and cellular components. Our engineers have experience in many applications:


  • Real-time reporting
  • Mode coordination
  • Data transfer and data collection
  • Internet of Things (IOT) devices
  • HIPAA compliance


Embedded Systems

Solid's electrical and software engineers have extensive experience designing, programming, adding intelligence and increasing feature sets to all types of embedded systems. They strive to enhance product functionality, flexibility and reliability. All while minimizing component costs and increasing durability. Capabilities include:

solid-ee-nicros-top   solid-ee-nicros-inside

  • Component selection
  • Board level design
  • System design
  • Energy Management
  • Automation Development
  • Debugging


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