Our Clients Include:

Concept Phase

During the Concept Phase Solid will complete a thorough review of the design objectives and work with the Client to identify design requirements required for the new product. This is when the revision controlled Product Requirements Document (PRD) is created. The goals of the Concept Phase are to define as precisely as possible what the functional requirements are, how they should be prioritized and how best to design product features to meet those requirements. Brainstorming sessions are held to garner input from designers and engineers, and create multiple conceptual solutions. Each solution is analyzed against the design objectives and other factors in a consistent manner to produce an optimal conceptual design.

To fully define how the product will meet each unique set of design requirements detailed in the PRD, a highly detailed Design Specification Document is created.  The Design Specification Document is updated throughout the entire product development process to ensure all requirements and goals are fully met. Solid’s user centered research approach in this phase creates aesthetically pleasing and functional product features by leveraging formal Industrial Design processes.