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Digital Guitar Teacher

Zivix encountered some obstacles in the middle of its Jamstik product development effort. They brought in Solid to help take them smoothly into production.


Fine tuning

They had great new technology, great software, attractive models, and customers waiting. But they were struggling to pull it all together into a fully functional, reliable, manufacturable and marketable product.


A key change

With a fresh set of eyes and a focused, detailed and analytical engineering approach, Solid rapidly re-engineered the product. A multitude of product performance, durability, material selection, and manufacturing issues were identified and solved. After extensive testing, Solid provided guidance selecting ideal contract manufacturing partners to take the Jamstik into production.


Rock on

With real strings and real frets, the Jamstik, through its patented sensing systems, can see the player’s fingers, which provides users a first-of-its-kind system to learn and play the guitar. Beyond learning, it also works as a controller that digitally connects with hundreds of MIDI applications, allowing for unlimited uses.

Project Details

What We Did

  • Design for Manufacturing

  • Material Selection

  • Design for Durability

  • Selection of Contract Manufacturers

What We Used

  • Industrial Design

  • Manufacturing Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

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