Waters Kidney Transporter

Product Design / Medical Devices

Kidney Transplant Transporter

Transporting & Tracking a Live Organ

Solid was brought in at the beginning of this project to design a medical device for transporting kidney donations.


Monitor progress

Time is of the essence during organ removal and donation. What was needed was a device to transport a donated kidney, keep it viable, and keep the receiving doctor updated.


The operation

Solid participated from the beginning through build and test of the first prototype of a device with an integrated computer. Involvement included conceptual layout development, mechanical engineering, machining, assembly and testing.


Fully updated

The result is the Kidney Transplant Transporter, for safely transporting donor kidneys from site to site. It controls oxygen levels en route, monitors temperature, and tracks its location via Wi-Fi or line connection.

Project Details

What We Did

  • Conceptualization

  • Product Concept Development

  • Prototyping

What We Used

  • Product Architecture Conceptualization

  • Prototype Layout, Assembly and Test

  • Mechanical Engineering

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