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Super Shooter2

Hockey Puck Returner

The idea of the game is to put the puck in the net. But it’s no fun to retrieve it time after time during training. Solid’s engineers helped a manufacturer refine a hockey puck return solution that maximizes practice time.


Worth a shot

The concept was pre-existing – a series of curved plastic tubes installed in a goal frame that would send a hockey puck back to the shooter. Solid was tapped for component design and CAD modeling. The challenge was to design it for a roto-mold contract manufacture in such a way to minimize overall tooling costs.


Directing the puck

Solid set to work defining the specific dimensions and angles needed to guide hockey pucks back to the correct location, and how to maintain them throughout the build of the project. Assembly and durability requirements were also put in play. Engineering drawings were created to maintain quality control over the manufacturing process. In addition, photo-realistic renderings were created to relay the product concept to investors and customers.


He shoots, he scores

The result is the SuperShooter2, a hockey practice goal for players of skill levels that eliminates puck collecting time. In addition to shooting skills, players also improve their stick-handling expertise as they practice catching returned pucks. It’s no toy. It’s a durable device designed to take over 100,000 shots per month.

Project Details

What We Did

  • Component Design

  • Minimize Manufacturing Cost

  • Design for Durability

What We Used

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Manufacturing Engineering

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