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B3 T-1 MIC

A Sound Solution

Security personnel at loud and large events like concerts can’t do their jobs well if they can’t communicate. Radio communication is only good if you can hear it. One company, B3 Risk Solutions, had an idea to solve the problem.


Too much noise

For event security and personnel, clear communication is critical. Depending on the venue, background noise can prevent staff from hearing one another. The team at B3 Risk Solutions, an event services and security company, wanted to solve that problem using noise-canceling technology in their radios.


Mic check

Working together, Solid and the B3 teams used a human-centered approach to generate concepts for a radio microphone accessory (one that plugs into a standard walkie-talkie) that would be ergonomic and noise canceling. It had to be simple, lightweight and easy to use in the field. And it had to significantly reduce background noise. Once the teams settled on a concept, Solid first produced clay models, then 3D printed versions as the design was refined. Finally, the design was prepared for mass production. Even then, there was more testing and tweaking of the assembled samples. After final reviews, re-testing, and a final quality check were performed, assembly and user instructions were created.


Coming through, loud and clear

What evolved from the development process is the B3 T-1. The noise-canceling radio microphone combines the latest in noise-canceling technology with an ergonomic design, made specifically for use by event security personnel. The microphone can block up to 24 decibels of background noise to allow the user to be heard effectively.

Project Details

What We Did

  • Product Concept Development

  • Identify Ergonomic Issues

  • Prototyping, Clay Modeling

  • 3D Scanning and 3D Printing

  • Assembly and User Instructions

  • Component Sourcing

  • Contract Manufacturer Sourcing

What We Used

  • Industrial Design

  • Manufacturing Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

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