A full-service product development and specialty machine design company

We transform ideas into successful products through smart innovation and creativity. Developing products that change people’s lives and define the market is our goal. Integrating exceptional functionality with a meticulous attention to detail we design optimized products users can’t wait to buy. Utilizing a wide variety of specialized services our highly experienced teams deliver accelerated product development from user research and conceptualization to prototype testing and production launch.

Our unique skill set includes specialty machine design capabilities that complement our product development efforts by providing an extremely efficient transition into production. Rapid market entry is a necessity to maximize profits and we provide the expertise needed to achieve your deployment goals. Clients include some of the most successful companies on the planet, including 3M, Medtronic, Bose Corporation and Boston Scientific. What product can we make a reality for you?



Electrical Engineering

Explore our Electrical Enginnering capabilities

Electronic product design creating today's 'Internet of Things' by integrating wireless communication, low power devices and creative packaging

Industrial Design

Explore our Industrial Design capabilities

The way your product is perceived and the way your product functions should be a match for the user, summing up to an optimized user experience

Product Development

Explore our Product Development capabilities

Developing the complex products required for today’s solutions is at the heart of Solid’s solution offering

Machine Design & Build

Explore our Machine Design & Build capabilities

Designing and implementing automated and semi-automated systems is key to achieving profitable and safe manufacturing operations